Ancient horse drawingsThe development of the modern horse, known by the taxonomic family name of Equidae, is 65 million years in the making. Even these early equine had complex brains which suggests they were alert and intelligent creatures. The environs they lived in brought them in frequent contact with humans. It is not a surprise that man and horses have had a cooperative relationship for over 6000 years. Evidence of horse bits have been found near the Dneiper River from at least 4500 BC. Rawhide bindings have been found on ancient remains of Asian horse’s hooves

Understanding of equine behavior is essential to equine ownership. Our overview of horse behavior is a good starting place.

Training methods must be understood by any horse owner. We here at Habitat for Horses encourage only the use of “positive” training methods which are both effective and humane. Our Training page outlines some basic ideas of horse training.