Horse drowns during race at Warren County racino

Bill Crawford, executive director of the Ohio State Racing Commission, said driver Kayne Kauffman was knocked from the sulky cart being pulled by the horse during a race accident.

An outrider caught the horse, which has not been identified, but it broke loose and ran into one of the ponds in the infield of the track, Crawford said.

“Maybe it’s never happened before in Ohio,” said Crawford, who has worked with the commission for 23 years.

Jerry Abner, director of marketing at the racino, confirmed the drowning and later released a statement.

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  • Paula Beninat

    Why do you have a pond so deep on a Race Track? You need to be held responsible for this and stop the Racing until this situation is contained. Such xarelessness and now a horse driwn becayse of your irresponsibility

    March 29, 2019