Horse and rider escape 5m fall unscathed

A HORSE had to be winched to safety after he fell down a 5m cliff into thick bushland at Tahmoor in Sydney’s west.

Picton’s Lizzey Lane and her horse Kane were riding a firetail at Tahmoor, off Bargo River Rd, when the horse became spooked and lost its footing, plunging through dense vines, ferns and shrubbery.

Miss Lane said a large puddle of water had spooked her horse.

He’s always been afraid of puddles his whole life,” Miss Lane explained.

“We were going along and he saw a large puddle and he went to avoid it when he slipped and couldn’t regain his footing and fell down the embankment.”

While Kane and Miss Lane were largely unhurt, emergency services swung into action to rescue the horse.


AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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