HFH’S Ten Paints That Will Melt Your Heart!

1. Kaiya
kaiya 1a
Kaiya is a 6 year old paint mare who is curious of everything around her. She passed our obstacle course as if it wasn’t there both on lead and under saddle; not a single thing ruffled her feathers. Learn more about this spirited beauty: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/kaiya/

Titus is a 7 year old Paint gelding with a cute personality and a great sense of curiosity. He stands tied, picks up all four feet, and has accepted a saddle. He also stands perfect to brush and comb as well. Learn more about Titus here: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/titus/

3. Shelby
Still a spunky sweet girl at 20 years old, Shelby is a great ride! She is looking for a soul that matches her own. Learn more about Shelby: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/shelby/

4. Corbet
Corbet came to us neglected and underweight. He has made a wonderful recovery. Be sure to check out his new pics: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/corbet/

5. Ashton
Ashton 2
 Ready to ride, Ashton direct or neck reigns, has a good backup, walks/trots/canters from a stand still. He stands for mounting and doesn’t move till you say so. This handsome fella is great for a beginner rider. Learn more about adopting Ashton: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/ashton/

6. Greta
Greta 02
Greta is a beautiful sorrel & white paint with wonderful ground manners. She accepts bridling, brushing, picking up feet, fly spray, saddling, and mounting. She is very trainable. Learn more: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/greta/

7. Nacori
Nacori 09
Nacori is a beautiful horse who is willing to learn. She has passed our obstacle course on lead and under saddle. She is in need of a hand to keep her training on the upward climb and be her forever companion.Learn about Nacori: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/nacori/

8. Mesquite
mesquite 09
Mesquite has a lovely coat and lounges in both directions, stands for feet to be cleaned and tended to. Mesquite will also take a bit and saddle easily. Learn more about Mesquite:

9. Axel
Axel 5
Axel is a great big brown and white pocket pony. He is excellent on the ground – but knows his size! He picks up all 4 feet, walks into stock, and does well with a farrier.  Learn more: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/axel/

10. Disco
Disco is a shy fella who enjoys being out in the herd. He will need someone with patience and kindness to work with him and make him feel safe. Learn more about Disco: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/disco/

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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