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Habitat for Horses:

  • Our expert staff works with law enforcement to bring to justice those who would abuse horses.
  • We take in horses that are hurt, starved, and neglected at our rehabilitation ranches giving them the love, care and medical attention they do desperately need.
  • Our staff and trained volunteers work with the horses. These horses can be shy or fearful of people due to the terrible experiences they underwent. We show them that humans can be trusted, with a patient, gentle methods that work.
  • We work with the community. Our horses have gone into the community to Senior living centers, helping the disabled and to schools bringing a rewarding educational experience and most of all joy – an experience everyone needs.
  • Horses in our care are adopted out to loving Forever Homes. Our staff provides support to help make the experience of adopting a horse a success.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Gail Wiot

    Today more than ever the horses need a voice and a safe haven. The Auction houses and Kill Pens are loaded with horses that just need a second chance at ownership. Some are there thru no fault of their own. Owners sometimes do not know where to go or are too ashamed to ask for help. The horses and other equines need a voice so help out when you can. If everyone gave $10 or $20 rescues could take in more horses and work at connecting them with new homes. If you are looking for a new horse or pony, çheck out the rescues first. The horses need everyone reading this blog. Too many good US horses and other equines are leaving our shores to be slaughtered in foreign countries!

    September 11, 2015