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I have been adopted!
Heart is a curious young Black and White gelding, who’s namesake comes from his markings-he has an upside down heart at the base of his tail. He stands approximately 15.1hh to 15.2hh and has an extremely sweet disposition. He will follow people around within minutes of first meeting and seems to become somewhat attached easily. His easy nature and gentleness will prove to be an asset in training and his markings will make him the flashiest around under saddle or just hanging out in the barn or pasture.

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Heart’s adoption fee is $600.
Call us to find out more information about Heart: 866 434 5737.
be sure to reference Horse ID : 13-008

1 Comment
  • BlessUsAll

    Dear Heart,

    I have a friend with a horse named Candy whom she affectionatly calls “Candy Butt.” I wonder if the human of your dreams will call you “Heart Butt.”

    Perhaps” Heart Beat” would be more to your likely — for it’s obvious, based on the description of you, that your heart beats love for anyone who pays you any mind. 🙂

    The one who is meant to not only pay you lots of mind but also pay good money to adopt you is surely right around the corner, ready to come to your side and load you and your big upside-down coat-color heart (and even bigger right-side-up spiritual heart) into a trailer (and trailer-sized human heart) to take you to Home Sweet Home.

    February 13, 2013