Hay Hut Fundraiser

Habitat for Horses is always looking for ways to reduce waste and save money so your donations can go even further to rescue and rehabilitate even more horses. Up to 1/3 of hay is lost due to hay wastage. Hay Huts is an enclosed horse hay feeder that works perfectly with round hay rolls. The hay is kept safe from weather and keeps horses from using the hay as bedding or as a place to defecate. We are looking to purchase enough Hay Huts to accommodate all our equine.
To do this we need your help. Any donations made from this page will go straight to our Hay Hut fund.

Find out more about how Hay Huts can help Habitat for Horses: hayhut

  • SAVES HAY – by eliminating wastage due to bad weather and messy horses
  • SAVES MONEY – by reduced expenditure on hay and labor
  • SAVES TIME – usable life of hay bales is extended significantly
  • SAVES LABOR – extended times between feeding.
  • ALL WEATHER PROTECTION – very little rain or snow ingress through windows
  • REDUCED CLEAN UP – horses completely empty it and any outside excess.
  • SIZE – Sized to fit the largest (1600 lbs /6′) round bale rolls, 20 square bales or big square
    bales all on pallets or ground protection


Hay Huts cost $725 each, but will pay for themselves in as little as four months. After that, we expect to save a LOT of money by greatly reducing the amount of wasted hay.

Our goal is to have at least 20 of these scattered around the pastures so the horses and donkeys can have 24/7 access to clean, dry hay.

Would you help by making a donation? Perhaps enough to purchase a Hay Hut in your name?

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