Happy New Year – Whimsical Horse Videos

horse on beach

Everyone needs something gentle, whimsical and beautiful to start off their New Year. Here are 3 horse videos. One of them has audio problems after 1/3 of the way through but the video itself is a stunning montage of other horse videos. Once again – thank you for all your support through out the years. The hundreds upon hundreds of horses whose lives have been rescued thank you. ~ HfH

horse on beach

  • happy new year , i loved the video’s . i hope and pray that this congress has more time for us this and is feeling more humbled by their increased numbers . i’m just saying without more hsus to get shelter for the wild horses in some of these places it will be a very cold winter for some. but still i remain hopeful.. have a very quiet rest of the evening on this 1st my god be with you and yours.

    January 1, 2015
  • MS

    Great videos — all of them —

    They’re free, happy, comfortable … just beautiful … thank you much for taking care of these beautiful animals.

    BTW, I found the human female in one of the videos amusing … for me, everything came across as genuinely real — then, out of nowhere, a human female, in a chiffon gown appears, dancing, kinda dancing … quite funny … no harm, though.

    January 3, 2015