Habitat for Horses – Our Back Story

Habitat for Horses’ latest newsletter was just published. You can sign up to receive it by going to any post on our website (such as this one) and using the sign up link in the middle of the right hand column – or email me (denise@habitatforhorses.org) with your first and last name and email address. I will gladly add your name to the list. Our newsletter covers stories, events and other “Habitat for Horses” related happenings. We frequently have a featured adoptable horse or information about something you may not know about that is on our website. This month we did an article on Habitat for Horse’s back story since a number of folks recently signed up for our newsletter after hearing about us from the Willie Nelson’s video “The Love of Horses”.

Here is an excerpt from our newsletter and a full page link:

Habitat for Horses – Our Back Story

It seems like it was back in the Dark Ages when Habitat for Horses was first started, although it was only in 1997 when we took in our first horses in response to a plea from a local family that simply couldn’t handle seeing a skinny horse a few houses down the street from them. In 1998 we applied for and received our non-profit status, took a number of Equine Cruelty Investigation courses and starting applying to local law enforcement agencies to let us help them handle their horse cases.

5d6143c1-30c8-4168-b402-fc6277e94149During those times most local law enforcement agencies didn’t touch large animals. Excuses of, “he’s old, that’s why he’s skinny,” and “I’m about to buy feed and hay,” were generally accepted and neglected horses were left alone to starve. While we met with some resistance, most officers accepted us with open arms. All we required from them was to have an officer at the scene and have the same officer appear in court. We did the rest, from transportation, housing, feeding, medical workup, farrier work, court appearance and testimony to finding an adopter.

Word circulated quickly and soon we had officers calling us, “just to take a look at some horses.” From those first few months of becoming established and being professional in everything we did, the calls for assistance seemed to explode. The reputation of Habitat for Horses continued to grow as an organization that was more than willing to assist law enforcement not just in the legal aspects of enforcement, but in providing education to horse owners who wanted to keep their horses healthy but did not have the knowledge of equine husbandry necessary.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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