Give Willie Nelson a helping hand

bendorcyMost of our readers love Willie Nelson. He is an extraordinary musician whose vocals tug at the heart strings. As many of you know, he is also an advocate for horses. You helped Willie Nelson’s “The Love of Horses” gain a People’s Telly Award. In that documentary, Willie lets the world know about the horrors of horse slaughter, the plight of wild horses in the United States and the great work we do here at Habitat for Horses to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for horses.

Now Willie is asking for a helping hand. Not for himself. Willie Nelson and his staff are working on a documentary to honor his long-time friend and roadie Ben Dorcy. Amy Nelson, who you saw in the “The Love of Horses” is one of the directors. They are trying to raise $100,000 to help with post-production expenses so they can bring this film to the world. “King of the Roadies: The Ben Dorcy Documentary” honors Ben Dorcy and tells the tale of his colorful life as the first roadie.

Whatever you can give will help them reach their goal. Share this project with your friends. Willie has done so much for horses – he fosters them, advocates for them, – let’s help him honor a friend. Click here and make your donation today!

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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