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Gender: Female
Year of Birth: N/A
Size: 13.2
Breed: Pony-quarter
Color: Dark Bay
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 617
Status: Trainable

Flicka is a small (13.2hh) pony/Quarter Horse mix who came to Habitat for Horses from a nearby county seizure. She was born approximately in 2006 according to a dental exam. She can be approached with ease in open pasture. Once haltered, she can be difficult to lead away from herd but does lead with respect to personal space once you get her attention. She is a little spoiled! She yields to other horses and backs when on a lead with physical cues. She can be tied but may paw a bit. She accepts brushing and picks up all 4 feet. Give us a call to find out the newest information on this little gal!

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