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Alma, Cisco Kid and Jade

Habitat for Horses is a great place to get your next horse. We adopt out horses with a wide variety of skills: from companion horses, donkeys & minis, to barrel racing, to work horses and of course horses for pleasure riding. Our horses were rescued and rehabilitated from lives of abuse and neglect. They often respond with greater effort and appreciation to those who care for them. We here at Habitat for Horses work to ensure that the horse you choose will be a good fit to your needs and lifestyle. You will get a chance to meet the horse and ride them (if they can be ridden).

Our ranch in Manvel, Texas is conveniently located close to Houston. Take a peek at some of these magnificent horses below – give us a call if any of them interest you – 409-935-0277; Monday – Friday; 8am to 4pm.


Allegra – can’t help but look beautiful while munching on grass


Nacori – she needs an experienced rider to refresh her skills


Nacori – Such a beauty – running free at our Manvel ranch

Alma, Cisco Kid and Jade

Alma with her baby Cisco Kid – they can be adopted together while he is still nursing! “Auntie” Jade is her older pasture companion.


Job happily munching on grass at our Manvel Texas location.

View more about the horses and burro you see in the pictures above:

Or learn more about adopting a horse from Habitat for Horses on our Horse Adoption page. Here you will find links to view more horses! Click here now to learn more.

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