Feliz (adopted)

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Gender: Female
Year of Birth: 2013
Size: 13HH (growing)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 690
Status: Adopted

Feliz is a 3 year old mare foaled here at Habitat, her mother ‘Cossette’ can be viewed under companion horses. Feliz is a sweet playful filly who enjoys spending her day’s rough housing with Reno. She has been started in her training on the ground; and is accepting a saddle and bit. She walks over the tarp and is fine with it being drug beside her. She picks up all four feet, ties, bathes, and loads in the trailer. She is not afraid of dogs barking or the pigs we have on property. She is looking for a forever home that will continue her training and help her excel in every way we know she can. If you are interested in Feliz, please contact Habitat for Horses via phone or email.

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