European Union ban threatens US horse slaughter pipeline

This excellent article in Horse Talk addresses some of the more complicated factors regarding American horse slaughter that no one wants to talk about. The decline of horse breeds and its connection to ethanol production could be an article unto itself. The historic ties between the Amish and the bloody horse slaughter pipeline are touched on as well. A source of money for this group that prides itself on their moral values has just diminished greatly. Perhaps they can find a better way that does not torture animals to replace this income. Also, all those investors who purchase “stock” in young horses that do not pan out as money making factories on the horse track have fewer options to get back their return. Perhaps more of them will now be sold as pleasure horses to the general public – an option that has been greatly overlooked for these race horses due to greed. Athletic young horses is what are wanted for those with a taste for horse meat. Which comes to the crux of the horse slaughter matter. The horse slaughter pipeline is not a means of getting rid of old, sick horses – its about getting back some money from a poor investment in a healthy race horse that was just not quite good enough. The fact that these equine are shot up with bute, steroids and other medications was long overlooked – not anymore. The EU does not want these horses for their dining tables.~ HfH

From: Horse Talk

Amish horse auction

Amish horse auction

John Holland, the president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, examines possible scenarios following the European Union’s ban affecting horsemeat shipments from Mexico. He predicts short-term instability, but believes the US market could not hope for a better set of circumstances to kick on and put the slaughter trade behind it.

The US horse industry was hit with the news this week that it would no longer be able to dump its excess horses to slaughter in Mexico.

Effective from January 15 next year, the horse slaughter plants in Mexico that formerly met European Union (EU) operating standards will no longer be allowed to slaughter horses for shipment to that market.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • arlene

    Best news ever only one thing could top this one, the release back to the wild all the wild mustangs…………………

    December 13, 2014
  • MS

    Arlene, I agree! — either releasing them to the wild, to sanctuaries, to ranches, to farms, wherever they’re comfortable and happy!

    December 13, 2014
  • sherriey

    … say that maybe these leaches that live off of the horse slaughter trade now need to get a real job!!!!!!!! that includes breeders, Amish, the horse racing industry, and the stinking GOV that is selling our Mustangs to that same slaughter pipeline!
    love it!

    December 13, 2014