Do you have any pictures of your horse? Help the Conroe and all the other horses already at Habitat for Horses

We would love to share them with the world in our Summer Photo Contest / Fundraiser! Take a few minutes to go through your photos and find that adorable picture of your horse – the more summery the better – because three of the winners will be the featured horses for June, July and August in our 2016 Habitat for Horses calendar! Best of all there is NO entry fee!

We are expecting more horses from Conroe next week. Your picture will be used to help raise much needed funds to help these and all the horses on our ranch rehabilitate from the abuse and neglect they endured before coming to Habitat for Horses.

Go to and send your picture(s) and your horse’s story. If you have any difficulty sending using the form, email me at I will gladly help you!



AUTHOR: Amber Barnes