Discrimination charged at Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

The Chattanoogan.com, (Original story posted on August 30, 2013)

Unknown-5A black female has sued the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, Inc. (SHOW) on grounds that she was charged $5,000 to enter the current national show at Shelbyville, Tn., while others did not have to pay a fee.

Natalie Jackson-Pritchard, in the suit in Chattanooga Federal Court, is asking $100,000 compensatory damages and $10 million punitive damages.

Ms. Jackson-Pritchard, a horsewoman who has been a critic of SHOW leadership, is claiming racial discrimination in the complaint, which was assigned to Judge Sandy Mattice.

Also sued were SHOW officials D.B. Nelson, Jr, Pat Marsh, John T. Bobo, James Allison, David Howard, Charles McDonald, Rick Insell, Mike Inman and Stephen Mullin.

The suit says:

“Defendants did with full knowledge charge plaintiff, a Black Female, an exorbitant amount of Fees to participate in an invitational public horse show hosted by the named defendants, then subsequently solicited several White Men to show in the same class for no-charge preventing plaintiff to Fair Competition.

“Plaintiff being a Black Female met all physical and financial requirements to exhibit a horse she co-owned and trained herself in the World Grand Championship Class at Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Championship Show. The entry office for pre-registration officially closed at 1 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2012. At the end of closing there were 2 paid horses entered, (both females). On Saturday September 2, 2012 night of the class there were an additional 10 horses that showed up. The Plaintiff paid $5,000.00 to exhibit in the class.”

It says SHOW leadership “contacted via phone & in person, several white male trainers and owners offering them a free from cost entry into the same WGC class in order to prevent the Plaintiff from receiving a placing of 10th place or higher which would payback cash, advance the publicity of her breeding stallion, (Previous Stallion Winners have earned millions of dollars) increase the visibility of the Trainer, and advance their prospective economic business advantage. This would of have elevated the plaintiff, her horse, her being the Trainer and rider in the history books as the first Afro-American Female to win a placing in that class.

“The plaintiff has a long whistle Blower history of public protest of the utilization of Pads and Chains and the Process of Soring the horse’s feet which has been highly contested by the defendants.

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  • Debbie Tracy

    HA, Why am I not surprised,??? Good for her, 5,000 dollars for an event, come on now??? That’s crazy isn’t it??? I have never gone to their shows and wouldn’t… Till we see total change cause I don’t live far away from it…. GOOD I SAY, stand up and fight for what is RIGHT and FARE……Go GETT’EM

    September 4, 2013
  • Penny Zeilstorf

    I do hope she puts the good old boys in their place… get them honey …

    September 4, 2013
  • mustang man

    I’m shocked, good ol boy suthen gentleman co mit in big o tree and revenge on a such a fine lady of color just because she tells them they are shit heads and need to be locked up with their close shine making friend Jackie McConnell? I would never have expected such action from TWH show people. They have been such up front honest people while clearin out of shows where the USDA has been announced in the past. You go get them girl. I think you are bit short on the punitive request though. Add another zero in there just for kicks. To end the TWH torture end the TWH shows, if the horse does the big lick then they have been tortured and anybody that says different is a liar, simple as that.

    September 4, 2013
  • Susan carter

    I hope she wins. These guys deserve all the bad karma they can get.

    September 4, 2013
  • Jan Schultz

    Horse abusers are criminals all around. This lady is tough enough to stand up to them and with the media support and the support of the American public, she will win and should!

    September 4, 2013
  • sherriey

    ya know….for all my life i have not condoned people throwing out that “RACE CARD” when ever life deals them the lesser end of the stick…BUT! with this, and with the proof she has given, i am 100% behind her and anyone else that can stand up to these jerk! GOD bless her…she deserves stand-up applause for standing up to them plus she is number one in my book for showing her horse in a natural way without gimmicks or pain. i just hope others will stand with her on this!!!! honestly, she is too good for the likes of that breed show!
    ….and where in hell did those jerks come up with $5000.00 as an entry fee????? i mean….WTF??????????? thats off the board and shows how evil these people really are in trying to do away with the better show people that are in their club!

    YOU “GO” GIRL!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YA!

    September 4, 2013
  • mary Gardner

    Maybe this will bring out the cruelty the horses go through too!!! The BIG LICK is a crime and all involved should be charge!!!
    Maybe this is what we need to open wide the doors of injustice and cruelty!!

    September 4, 2013
  • N.Laurel

    I watched the YouTube of her showing ‘Champagne Watchout’. She and her horse are a beautiful team! They were certainly the only happy and comfortable athletes in the ring. Do those guys even have a clue of how stupid they look? They ride way back on the poor horse’s loin, and hunch way forward. Horse and riders appear deformed. Natalie was the only one with decent riding posture! All of the crowd cheering the suffering made me think of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Then the announcer addressed the crimes going on in the industry, and pretended it had nothing to do with those currently showing that ridiculous Big Lick. .

    September 4, 2013
  • This happened to me with my grand children, the show sec Judy Bice called them “niggers” and wouldn’t let them ride. In Otsego county, Morris fair. She banned our whole 4-H. Then a black woman I know had out of state coggins, and health cert, was almost denied showing, while our friend had an out of state coggins and (she was white) had NO problem at all. This same person is still allowed to run the 4-H and the show. We went to the Division of HUman Rights, but because cornell doesn’t discriminate- she gets away with it.

    September 4, 2013
    • N.Laurel

      Lisa, you should contact Natalie Jackson-Pritchard. Your story would back up her claims of discrimination.(she has a facebook page)

      September 4, 2013
  • paula denmon

    Someone needs to put these horrible people in their place. pray this is it. hope they have to pay the full amount.

    September 5, 2013
  • jamie coughlin

    So shocked, not…

    Whistle blowers are no appreciated much in Big Lick land whatever their color. I think it is about time the walker mafia was brought down.

    September 5, 2013
  • Margaret

    Bad that she was charged and singled out. But triple HOOFRAYS to this extraordinary lady for bringing the fight right back to the dirty Lickers! I hope she beats them at their game and they have to pay EVERY single dime she’s asking for!

    September 5, 2013
  • Sylvia Hand

    You go get em girl sue there asses this is totally discriminating against you, they should have to RECALL the whole show and have different judges and everything JMO

    September 6, 2013