Count the Lies – Protect the Harvest Video Contest

Boyd Sprattling, BLM Wild Horse Advisory Board Member advocating for horse slaughter

Boyd Sprattling, BLM Wild Horse Advisory Board Member advocating for horse slaughter

The American public needs to be made aware of the outrageous lies in the video “Horses in Crisis” created by Protect the Harvest. The video is made to look sympathetic to the plight of the wild horses in the American West. It is, however, a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it is actually a film promoting the slaughter of horses. Typically we do not recommend that anyone watch a video of horse slaughter propaganda. Especially one in which a great deal of money has been spent in its production – it is filled with lush sad music and devastating images of horses starving. This is the exception. What we would like you to do is watch the video below (the closed caption does not work very well – its better to listen to the audio), count the number of lies you can find. Then let us know in the comments section of our website, or on Facebook or Twitter. They are numerous – some are hidden – most are not. The person who comes up with the most documented number of lies will win a picture of Pete – a well known Habitat for Horses figure.

Protect the Harvest was created back in 2011 by Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil Products. Protect the Harvest’s mission is to go after the Humane Society – it says so on their website. Lucas has funded opposition to bills that would protect animals. Protect the Harvest spent over a quarter of a million dollars opposing Measure 5 in North Dakota, which sought to establish felony-level penalties for malicious cruelty to dogs, cats, and horses. Protect the Harvest is more about protect man’s ability to do whatever they wish to animals. You can find out more about Protect the Harvest’s pro-animal cruelty funding here.

Protect the Harvest acknowledges that horses hold a special place with humanity – why do they seek to destroy them? Leaving the fate of America’s wild horses in the hands of those who would privatize every inch of the West for personal gain will cause their extinction. It is time to expose these liars for what they are. Watch the video and count. Then let us know. We will tally up the total Thursday at noon and declare the winner.

  • Thanks so much for your post! Dr. Spratling is actually the Chair of the BLM’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board and is the former President of the Nevada’s Cattlemen’s Association. There are currently two past presidents of this organization on the Board which is skewed against wild horses on public lands and for horse slaughter. Unfortunately, the Board makes recommendations to the BLM on how to manage wild horses and burros on our public lands. The Secretary of the Interior is responsible for selecting the Board.

    November 4, 2014
  • I don’t have the patience to listen to this dreck. I did not look because I have seen enough today to be filling my mind with images meant to incite rather than tell the truth. Whomever wins the Contest: Congrats on your tolerance!

    November 4, 2014
  • Robynne Catheron

    I almost lost count, I was so busy shaking my head in disbelief. Ginger’s word “skewed” is perfect. It’s a crying shame that these cattle ranchers have any credibility regarding the wild horses, and that anyone listens to and heeds their one-sided propaganda.

    Btw, I read recently that the wranglers were overheard at a round-up chatting about enjoying “getting a rise” out of any advocates that are observing, and are now making a habit of deliberately mistreating or taunting the captured horses. What jerks.

    November 4, 2014
  • GraceandTruth

    Funny how they never show their starving cattle, oh, that’s right, the cattle always have plenty to eat, and also to drink because cattle have ‘value’ and wild horses (not feral or estray, they are wild) do not.

    Other random lies: speaking of humane euthanasia to describe ‘commercial’ horse slaughter is dishonest because there is nothing natural or humane in regard to commercial horse slaughter.
    The fact is that wild horses, and other wildlife, do die in the wild for various reasons, but since most of the larger predators to wild horses are hunted out of the wild so they will not kill privatized livestock and/or compete for water in the drier areas (it is called ‘sanitizing’ when these predators and other wildlife are killed through various means such as shooting, poisoning, pouring gasoline into dens of offspring and setting a match to it, etc), any animal, whether wild or domestic, if they go down and can’t get up for whatever reason, do begin to get eaten while still alive by smaller scavengers like coyotes, crows, buzzards, etc that are not capable of killing them outright, so a good management model would be for larger predators to be allowed to live and do what nature has designed them to do (keep down the numbers of wildlife), and privatized livestock, including cattle, should have ‘guards’ like what flocks of sheep and goats have in the way of their shepherds with their dogs roaming with them to protect them. THAT would make a wild horse or burros natural passing in the wild far more humane than COMMERCIAL slaughter can ever be.

    And speaking of not being allowed to kill ones horse as one rancher was talking about; absolute lie because of course it’s legal to have a vet euthanize, do a bullet to the brain, haul the horse to a carnivore sanctuary where they are shot, or quartered and fed to the wolves or big cats.
    In the first two scenarios, the horse owner would have to pay for disposal of the body because even on a big ranch, they can only bury so many bodies before it could get a little ‘iffy’ from a environmental health standpoint, in the third scenario however, body disposal is not an issue.
    The real reason for the lying on this issue of killing their own horses (and that is how he framed it, like they can’t kill their own horses, when what he meant is that it IS illegal to shoot wild horses and burros as they would like to do) is that many/most of these rancher-types simply do not want to PAY for anything when it comes to disposal of their horses, so why would anyone think they’d want to pay for wild horses to be disposed of truly humanely and not via commercial horse slaughter?

    And when we listen to how hard these guys work, yes, of course they do, ranching in all types of weather, repairing things, doing other types of manual labor, etc is hard work; no doubt about it.
    However, didn’t they CHOOSE to live that lifestyle and do this type of WORK?
    So instead of complaining about it, and not acknowledging or even bringing up how much WE tax payers pay them in subsidies with our tax dollars that allow them to operate their privatized businesses, they should just get out of the business, and do something else. THAT might not pay too well, especially considering tax payers wouldn’t be paying for them to operate their privatized businesses, but at least they’d not have to work so hard and complain about it all the time.

    Really just a fantastically absurd, embellished, misleading, and dishonest video, but until we do get more factual information out there to the general public, and also to many more of the wild horse advocates who really need to learn these facts, and who in their ranks have many that do not know much about wild horses, their physiology, behavior, their brand of ‘family’ and other types of bands of horses in the wild which is sometimes harsh and not very pretty at all (bone cracking fights with mares, and also stallions, can be very disturbing in their intensity and brutality), the open range, the harshness of nature, management of horses in their HMA’s, and the fact that nature is sometimes/often very harsh in the wild and many wild horses do die less than perfect deaths, so the image of all wild horses being beautiful and healthy in the wild is not totally true, and many are in less than optimum condition that can and is compounded by being fenced out of areas with forage and water and we all should fight to keep the open range OPEN with minimal fencing and not be so intent on protesting much more minimal things, these dishonest people who lost their compassion and empathy a long time ago regarding horses that aren’t useful to them will continue to gain ground, and videos like this have been being predicted by people with long-view vision for quite some time now to convince the general public with short attention spans that commercial horse slaughter is a humane way to ‘dispose’ of wild horses, and also a way for tax payers to save money too by not having horses warehoused in places that many advocates are calling ‘concentration camps’ when the fact is that at least the horses are alive and not killed by inhumane and terrifying commercial slaughter instead.

    November 4, 2014
    • Athena

      GraceandTruth, what a perfect explanation of everything that is going on with our horses…THANK YOU!!!

      November 8, 2014
  • Monika Courtney

    Good exposure. The fact that recommendations are in merit by a “Board” of a regime think tank that has proven detrimental on all fronts – is mind blowing. They bend the law like it was made out of wire, bending it to suit the needs of corrupted people, corrupted wealth and agendas. How can America stand for this ?

    November 5, 2014
  • Lisa LeBlanc

    I find it – troubling – that the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board is populated with people whose sole purpose is to construct different methods of eradication and suppression of wild horses and burros, and pass that ‘advice’ along to BLM. It doesn’t quite compute. It’s kind of like having an advisory board for, say, Planned Parenthood – that advises against every method of planning parenthood.
    This man…he has no worthwhile business being on this board, for using it only as a furtherance of his own agenda. It’s equally troubling that most members use it as a springboard for chipping away at policies, while ignoring the reasons why the WH&B Program is failing so completely: By putting removals and warehousing at the forefront of the Program’s expenditures, creating a top-heavy structure that will – inevitably – collapse, while relegating monitoring and study to the bottom of the monetary barrel, almost as an afterthought.

    November 5, 2014
  • Daryl

    I just called the white house again to tell them how up set I am with the BLM and Sally Jewell not doing there jog and we the people who are paying for this out of our taxes, these animals are wild and should stay wild, they have been mismanaged for years. The government is letting this happen and our so called president was o the side of the horses another wolf in sheep clothing, he is killing more of them then the other president ever did.
    More then a crying shame these beautiful and healthy animals are rounded up and put in compounds and then they try to sell them that is a forest, they go to slaughter…for meat, sent over seas, crock of shit.

    November 5, 2014
  • Daniel Cordero Fernandez

    I know I am late to this discussion but, even though I didn’t have the chance to listen to this piece of cheap propaganda yet, I want to offer a fact, a fresh fact indeed, that simply throws away all the silly, half-baked, and distorted arguments they typically offer in such kind of pieces (I have heard so many of these lies, distortions and asorted trash in the last twelve years I already know them like the back of my hand):

    -To date, and not accounting the US to Canada and Japan equine export figures for September and October (which run always two months in arrears), 119,357 horses were exported EXCLUSIVELY FOR SLAUGHTER to either Canada, Mexico or Japan. Last year, including the aforementioned missing data we are waiting the U.S. Census Bureau to make them available to USDA, the number was 122,834. This year we are noticing a build up in the exports to Canada and Japan and expect a 3 to 5% increase in real total number for October.

    Back in say 2005, when the US horse slaughter plants were killing flank speed, the stats were around 70,000 (including exports). So the question is… how exactly could there be a crisis due to “lack of slaughter capacity” when today we are sending over the borders nearly the double we were both slaughtering and exporting back them.

    Moreover, if horses are suffering purpotedly because we can’t kill them at home (or elsewhere), how it can be that horses are actually today, right now, in this very precise second being shipped away for slaughter accross the border? Sorry Sprattling and buddies, it can’t be both ways…

    So, in the end, this video it no different from the trash we have been hearing till boredom for years, but in a pretty format.

    In addition, one can only wonder what moves Forrest and his pals to create and peddle these propaganda pieces, since -as obviously evidenced by the fact presented above- the horse slaughter industry is in remarkable good health and with prospects of increasing production in the light of the TTIP and yesterday’s electoral debacle. I don’t see precisely any threat anywhere for which we ought to be “protecting the harvest” (what a silly name BTW).

    As already suggested in the horse slaughter featured articles we posted more than two years ago one of such reasons is using the front organizations from which such propaganda is emitted to evade taxes via the non-profit status of some of these pro pony-killing organizations (in addition to the obvious ideological payload which is usually more of an accessory or an instrument); an issue indeed that needs also to be brought to light.

    I can only conclude, for the time being, recommeding Mr. Lucas and his hired loudspeakers to quit these nonsensical ideological crusades and invest his time and resources in more productive endeavours.

    November 6, 2014
    • Robynne Catheron

      Brilliantly stated, Daniel. I wish you could attend some of the town hall meetings with these cattle buffoons and their bought-and-paid-for Congressmen, and state these facts in person. You and Jerry Finch, Ginger Kathrens, Craig Downer, Laura Leigh, and RT Fitch would be a Dream Team come true. We can cite fact after fact until the cows come home (pun intended) in writing and on social media, but until the ranchers and lawmakers hear it at the same time in the same room from a team of well-educated wild horse experts, nothing will change, IMHO. I hope you’ll consider it. .

      November 6, 2014
      • Athena

        This would be beyond wonderful…it doesn’t get any better than this group of people!!!

        November 8, 2014
  • morgansinkc

    I’m sure all the horse people here can see the fibbing going on in this video. The chestnut horse at the beginning is obviously an older domestic horse that is in pain, and needs a shot of Banamine or another pain killer. But instead of helping the horse, they video it. This is shameful.

    We can all see the perfectly-trimmed hooves which got that way via a farrier, or horse shoer, and the long teeth indicating age.

    November 6, 2014
  • SPIN, PROPAGANDA, LIES. Anyone who has ever known horses can see through this drivel in a hot second. Those who are ignorant of horses, maybe even completely ignorant of wildlife and other animals in general, are the demographic targeted by this tripe! This organization obviously thinks that horse meat is possibly this country’s next popular ‘red meat’ and should consider the slogan, “ADRENALINE… IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER!” This crap is aimed at people who don’t know any better, people who must have an opinion on everything but specialize in nothing and are apt to believe anything that is told them about animals, agriculture and wildlife by a man wearing an expensive cowboy hat…

    Total shiv propaganda against wild horses.

    November 6, 2014