Convicted horse breeder begins sentence

From: The Independent Record
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Billings horse breeder has begun a 120-day animal-cruelty conviction sentence after the Montana Supreme Court rejected his appeal.

prison-barsYellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito says 72-year-old James Leachman turned himself in at the county’s detention center Friday.

Leachman operated a horse breeding business before the U.S. Farm Services Administration foreclosed on the property in 2010. Leachman still kept more than 400 horses on the property after it was sold.

Investigators discovered five horses, some malnourished, with tight plastic bands that had caused severe leg injuries. Two died and two were euthanized.

The Billings Gazette reports ( ) Leachman was sentenced to five years in jail with all but 120 days suspended.

Leachman has asked a judge to allow him to serve his sentence at his home for health and other reasons.

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  • Maggie Frazier

    Well its about time! Really don’t have sympathy for this man who was responsible for so much suffering! Is it possible that with this sentence (carried out) animal abuse is finally getting what it deserves?

    September 1, 2014
    • jfinch

      This excuse for a human kills horses and gets 120 days in jail. Why do we wonder at the lack of a moral consciousness in our society when the courts refuse to reflect the outrage felt by the people? The courts are supposed to uphold the basic moral standards of a society, i.e. do something that is wrong and you will be punished. Steal a car, get caught smoking a joint, and you will spend a minimum of 180 days locked up. He is getting off far too easy. The purposeful destruction of life deserves far more that 120 days.

      September 1, 2014
  • AZ

    How can this be justice after the 2010 incident? There are laws in place to protect ALL living beings. The horses continued to suffer by the hand of James Leachman for four additional years! This court & its judge failed miserably to uphold the safety and humane treatment of animals. 120 days is not a satisfactory sentence and no monetary punishment mentioned. Shame on you Montana!!

    September 1, 2014