Chulita’s Beau

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Gender: Gelding
Year of Birth: 2001
Size: 13HH
Breed: Mustang
Color: Dark Bay
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: N/A
Status: Trainable | Needs Very Experienced Trainer

Chulita’s Beau is a handsome mustang who prefers being around other horses. He needs a very experienced person to train him – he does not yet have ground manners or riding skills but has potential with the right family. He is easy to halter in a confined area but a bit wiggly when tied. We brushed him and worked out his mane tangles. He picks up all four feet. He is good with front feet but he moves around or jerks when getting near his rear feet. He is a quick learner. He was pushy on the lead, but within minutes of working with him, he was respecting our trainer's personal space. Great back up. Call us for the newest information!

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