Charlie, Harry, Aramis… hey – what’s my name?

He came to us skinny, neglected and now he needs a new name! A second chance at life, needs a fresh name. The ranch hands have nicknamed him Aramis but one of our supporters will get to decide!

IMG_4718This gelding is a Percheron Cross Breed. He is a young gelding, just about 3 years old. Your support is bringing him high quality feed, medical care and TLC – he will grow up to be a big boy. He came from the Galveston Island seizure of a riding stable there. We have a goal of $3000 to give him and all his buddies the support they need to become strong and healthy. Once they are ready, we will find them new forever homes where they can go live happy, fulfilled lives every horse wants.

Right now we have raised just shy of half of his goal. Any help you can give will go a long way to bring them back to health. A donation of $25 or more to his campaign will put you in the running to give him a new name!

Go to his special fundraising page to find out more and support Charlie or Harry or Aramis…whatever his name turns out to be:

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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