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Gender: Mare
Year of Birth: 1999
Size: 14HH
Breed: Arabian
Color: Flea Bitten Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 688
Status: Trainable

Cally is a very pretty flea-bitten grey Arabian with the typical high spiritedess of her breed. She is still a bit nervous around people but is easy to catch and lead. She paces when stalled, but stands when tied and stands for fly mask. She has no issues with her ears being played with either. She also accepts saddle and bridle and tie down as needed. She moves when mounted and dismounted, moves out with heel pressure but does not know how to back up while mounted. She is very green in direct and neck reigning and can spook pretty easily. She will make a great horse for someone with skills, patience and lots of TLC. Give us a call to find out the newest information.

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