BLM Seeks Bids for Off-Range Pastures for Wild Horses

Bless the BLM for all the brainpower that comes up with these brilliant ideas. Ignore the budget, pay a bunch of people to round up wild horses, throw in a few helicopters, haul the horses to holding pens where they are crammed together with no shelter, then turn the land over to welfare ranchers for $1.35 an acre. Doesn’t end there. Find some good ol’boys with a bunch of land and pay them to house the wild horses.

So initially the horses cost us nothing, but now we pay ranchers to care for them and lease the once free range to other ranchers at a loss?

The welfare ranchers of America appreciate all the tax paying citizens. Together with the BLM, they work hard to create a problem where there is none and provide an answer so they all can take home some of your money.

Jerry Finch

From: The Horse

blmThe Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking proposals for new off-range pasture facilities that can provide a free-roaming environment for wild horses removed from Western public lands.

Proposals will be accepted from the following states through April 22: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

One or more off-range pasture contracts will be awarded and each must accommodate a minimum of 100 wild horses. The contractor must provide humane care for a one-year period, with a renewal option under BLM contract for a four-year or nine-year period.

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  • Janet Schultz

    That one word – RANGE. That one word is the door to domestic grazing on public lands. Call the lands, WILDLNDS. That is what they are, what they should be. Wildlands populated by wild animals. As long as BLM and ranchers call it “range”, the land is designated for domestic public land grazing. That’s why they title the contract “OFF range.”

    February 27, 2015
  • Please stop taking the wild horses and burro’s off the public lands!

    February 27, 2015
  • MS

    PLEASE, leave the horses alone to live freely on our lands …. for those horses being held in pens, PLEASE, release them back into the wild, into their homes, where they’ve been living and roaming for centuries … STOP bullying the horses, STOP picking on them … they need their land, they deserve their land. Clearly, it will NEVER be enough for ranchers … they’ll continue eating up as much land as exists …. you CANNOT allow the ranchers their limitless appetite … time to rein in the ranchers… bring the ranchers to a PERMANENT HALT … LET OUR HORSES LIVE! WHEN WILL YOU REALIZE THAT SIDING WITH OUR HORSES IS DOING THE RIGHT THING!

    February 28, 2015