Be gone, little horse! Blue Ash cracks down again

Why a town would not allow a mini-horse to visit and bring cheer into a community’s lives is beyond me. Justice deserves justice! ~ HfH

From: The Cincinnati Enquirer
By: John Faherty

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

justiceOne day in June a miniature horse named Justice got loose in Blue Ash and started walking down Myrtle Avenue. Maybe he galloped, but Justice is kind of chunky and his legs are kind of teeny so it would be hard to know.

What sounds like the start of a joke – hey, why the long face? – was actually a court case Thursday morning in Room 160 of the Hamilton County Courthouse. There was a police video, and a citation, and testimony and cross examinations and eventually a ruling from the judge who at one point had to tell the prosecuting attorney to calm down. There was even a Greek chorus of accused drunk drivers and shoplifters, but they spoke in English.

The question before the court, eventually, came down to this: Is there room for Justice in Blue Ash, even if only for just enough time for the owner to make a quick pit stop.

This miniature horse belongs to John Traub, who for 17 years has worked with special-needs students as an aide in the Sycamore School District. He does so on weekends too, on his own time, and over the years he came to realize that some kids respond very well to small horses. So he bought one down in Texas because he is that kind of guy.

Traub knows all about Blue Ash’s disapproval of farm animals. He even knows about city ordinance 505.21(a) , which states that “no person shall shelter, maintain, keep, or harbor live equine (horse), ovine (sheep), bovine (cow), caprine (goat), swine (pigs), or camelid (camel, llama, alpaca) on any residential property within the municipal limits of the City of Blue Ash, Ohio.”

For review, no equines, ovines, bovines, caprines or swine. No camels either, miniature or otherwise.

Traub knew all that, so he did not keep his little horse in Blue Ash, he kept Justice at his brother’s place out in Mount Orab. On June 18, 2014, Traub left Blue Ash, picked up Justice and then drove him to the Montgomery home of a boy who lives with autism and enjoys spending time with the horse. “You should have seen his face, he can sit and brush that horse for 45 minutes,” Traub said before the trial began.

Then, after leaving Montgomery, Traub swung by his house in Blue Ash to have a drink of water and visit the bathroom before driving back to Mount Orab. In his defense, that is a long ride.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Pat Ward

    Blue Ash, OH needs to be renamed Blue Ass, OH for the discrimination against the little therapy pony, Justice. At first I thought the article was a joke with a happy ending. Not.

    December 14, 2014
  • Maggie Frazier

    The phrase “much ado about nothing” comes to mind! This Blue Ash must be a real dull button-down community! Glad I live in the country.

    December 14, 2014
  • Daryl

    WHAT A SHAME THIS TOWN COULD NOT LET THE LITTLE HORSE STAY AND DO THE JOB…sounds like they have not got any community spirit for the people who enjoyed the company of this little happy horse….shame on them…

    December 14, 2014
  • Margaret

    The paper won’t let me read the entire article. The one thing I did notice is the length of the mini’s feet. They are way too long.

    December 14, 2014
    • Pat Ward

      Go to and read the whole article about this sorry event.

      December 15, 2014
  • sherriey

    what a bunch of jerks!!!!!!
    indeed….BLUE ASS!

    December 15, 2014