Awww Cuteness! Habitat for Horses Calendar

Picture this:


Your Daughter’s Special Day last year was on horseback – what better way than to commemorate her Big Day than with a Calendar for all your friends and family to see. Your daughter will love the fact that your photo placement donation went to help fund Habitat for Horse’s Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – where children and adults suffering from traumas can be aided by specially trained rescued horses.  All at our ranch in Manvel, Texas. 




Or Picture this: 

dadnsilverYour Dad always loved old Blue.  Every time you would go to visit him, he was always out there with his best friend. How many wonderful times did you have together? Your Dad and Silver taught you a great deal about life. What a wonderful way to honor them. A picture in the Habitat for Horses’ 2015 calendar – not only as a keepsake but the money spent for the picture placement is a donation to help save horses from abuse and neglect. Your Dad would be proud.


Or Picture This:


Your granddaughter loves her horse Freckles.  She spends every day after school with him – feeding him. cleaning his stall, riding – all skills that will help her grow into a responsible adult.  This all started from the day she fell in love with her 4 legged friend. Can you imagine her excitement when you give her a calendar displaying her with her best friend? Let her know that the money you spent on placing their picture in the calendar went to educating and bringing joy to the community.  Habitat for Horses goes out into our communities – at times with our mascot mini Munchie, at other times with other rescued horses, ponies and burros teaching people about all things equine, bringing joy to seniors in nursing homes and so much more. The hugs and smiles you will receive from her will be the best gift back in the world.




Or picture this:

IMG_5762That fabulous picture you captured of your best friend.  You proudly keep it on your Facebook page and in your photo album – now you can display it on your kitchen wall.  A Habitat for Horses’s calendar is a great way to memorialize your favorite equine friend.  The placement fee goes towards helping Habitat for Horses with all of the programs: rescuing and rehabilitating horses, community education and Equine Assisted Therapy.  Full page picture placement orders also receives a free calendar! 





The 2015 Habitat for Horses’ Calendar submission date has been extended! You now have until October 24th, 2014 to place your order.  Think of all the good you will do and what a simple, sweet gift to give your child, your parent, your grandchild or your best friend.  There are so many wonderful memories and events we horse lovers experience throughout our lives. A Habitat for Horses’ calendar is the perfect way to commemorate any special person, day or 4-legged friend.

Full picture is still available for April, May, July, August, September and November.  Call us today before it is too late!  409-935-0277 Find out more about different placements in our 2015 Calendar – Click Here.




AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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