Award-Winning Documentary “From the Kill Pen” Exposes the Horse Slaughter Pipeline in America

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Los Angeles based Synergetic Distribution is pleased to announce the release of the award-winning film, “From the Kill Pen,” now available on multiple platforms, including Amazon Video, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

Fact-driven and without gratuitous violence, “From the Kill Pen” exposes the widespread overbreeding and clandestine meat distribution cycle which has allowed tainted horsemeat to enter the human food chain – activity which has been operating under the radar for years.

“Most Americans are completely unaware that horse slaughter is not illegal in this country; approximately 150,000 American horses are still rounded up each year and shipped to Canada and Mexico to be killed and their carcasses sold to international meat distributors,” says director Sharon Boeckle.

Horse slaughter is currently not illegal in the United States. Current language in the federal budget prohibits funds from providing required inspections at horse slaughter facilities, though, and this prohibition has kept horse slaughter on American soil at bay since 2007. But horse advocates across the nation are growing concerned that the current administration may choose to overturn that in the next federal budget, scheduled for review in the coming months.

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  • This is a much-needed documentary, and I am so glad it is available now. I volunteer at Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue, one of the largest horse /animal rescues in the US. We have over 150 animals that we rescued from slaughter, abuse, neglect, etc. We all need to care just as much about horses being slaughtered as we do about puppy mills, dogs being euthanized, etc. All animal lives are precious. There should be no wasteful overage of animals being bred which result in lives being prematurely ended. There should be no torturous shipping of animals from kill pens to slaughter houses, There should be no “throwaway” horses from greedy breeders looking for the next Secretariat. We all need to be responsible about how we bring lives into this world, and how those lives are ended. This documentary will provide great information to people who might not otherwise know about what is going on. Thank you for producing this film!

    May 20, 2017