Are you looking for a beginning rider / kid’s horse? Meet Billy

Billy - Adoptable Horse

If you live in South-East Texas (or are a Texan who has a trailer and doesn’t mind the drive) and are looking for a wonderful pleasure riding horse for a child / beginning rider – we present to you – Billy the Mustang / Draft mix.

Billy - Adoptable Horse

He stands at 14hh and is a gentle older horse with excellent riding skills. The dentist says Billy is about 20 years old, which means he that while he is a Senior, Billy still has years of riding left in him. A red roan with a bald face, Billy is very easy going with both people and other horses. His only downside is he does not like to be caught – unless you have a feed bucket with you!

Give this gentleman Mustang mix a chance at a new home, and a new life. Give us a call at 409-935-0277 to arrange a meeting with Billy or to find out more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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    I corrected Texas to Texan with a trailer – typing too fast!

    April 29, 2015