About Wolke

Wolke is a pretty spirit. She used to be a little difficult to catch but we have worked with her and now she can be caught with ease. She will stand for grooming and tacking. She is bonded to Jewel and has anxiety when separated form her sometimes. She calms down after being worked on ground manners in the round pen. She kicks a bit and pins ears when leg pressure is applied but direct reins well. She is green broke and needs an advanced rider and training. She’ll lift all four feet and let me hold them without trying to pull away. She also accepts a fly mask and spray. Call us for more!

  • Female
  • 9 years
  • 13.3 HH
  • Appaloosa
  • White
  • Brown
  • LB

Adopt Wolke

Call for more information: 409-935-0277