About Watson

This gelding is not so little anymore and wow if he isn’t a looker! He’s still young and does his best to try new things calmly, but sometimes things are just a bit too much for him so he has to trot about it. He’s learned the ropes of the arena and all about tack, and doing quite well with it. He lets humans do just about anything with him (we have some fun together, that’s for sure!) but sometimes the environment is quite scary (new noises, new objects, new things can make him jump!). He leads well and stands for the farrier and he’s learning all about riding – he’s currently walk and trot under saddle and has a bit of steering. He has a lot to learn but he has so much potential, we’d love to see him in a home that wants to do things with him. He’d love a home that will continue his education and we think he’ll go far – ranch shows or otherwise!

  • Male
  • 7 years
  • 14.2 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • Sorrel with Blaze
  • Brown
  • LB
Adopt Watson

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