About Thor

This stunning guy has had a rough life. He came in to us with cuts and gashes all over his body that took months of care to heal. We believe he was attacked by a big cat. His body bears those scars and will for the rest of his life, so we can understand why he may be hesitant at first with new people. However, he is always willing to give new people a chance and now that he knows people are safe here, he has become a very social guy! He leads very well, loads in the trailer like a champion, and gets all four feet done easily. Due to the extent of his injuries, we think this guy has earned the right to retire and live the good life. Think you can give him the life and love he was so sorely missing before coming here? He’ll be waiting.

  • Male
  • 17 years
  • 15 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • Palomino
  • Brown
  • LB

Call for more information: 409-935-0277