About Pia

Miss Pia was born without ears, and while it’s a little harder for us humans to read her moods without ears, she hasn’t let that stop her from making friends with everyone. You will not find a more social mare than Pia. She will find a human in the pasture and not only follow them around but encourage her two friends (Dane and Jewel) to follow them, too. She appears to be a pretty persuasive mare. She stands well for tacking up and has had a rider on, no problem. She’ll need work on steering and general ground manners (read – very social) but we don’t think it’ll take long for her to pick up the saddle life. She already seems to enjoy it. The real trick will be finding equipment that will stay on her face since her ears don’t keep a headstall on! She just might be your next bridle-less riding horse.

All About Pia: She stands great for the farrier-Loads well- Social with people and other horses.

  • Female
  • 8 years
  • 14 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • LB
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