About Nikita

Beautiful Nikita has been working hard with our trainers. She expresses her feelings very clearly and we like that clear communication. She’s a smart one and picks up on new things quickly. She will target (touch your hand with her nose), leans into petting, wears a halter pretty well, and leads well without pressure. She can stand in the stocks and get in a trailer, but she needs time to get to know a person before she’s happy enough with the partnership to show off her skills. She would like to continue her primarily positive reinforcement training in her new home, but is open to other gentle ideas as well. She does well with other horses and has lived with many. She works well at liberty, but cannot be ridden due to an old injury. Think you’re the home for her? She’d love to meet you.

  • Female
  • 16 years
  • 15.1 HH
  • Grade
  • Blue Roan
  • Brown
Adopt Nikita

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