Ms Vicky

About Ms Vicky

Ms Vicky came to Habitat for Horses as an estray. We know she has ridden in the past but she has not been ridden in recent years. She reportedly picks up all 4 feet, bathes, allows a fly mask, fly spray, bridle & saddle. However, her skills and ground manners need to be re-evaluated. She is among many other horses that are being evaluated for their riding, ground skills, and personality traits. If you are interested in Ms. Vickey, give us a call and we will move her to the top of the evaluation list! We know she deserves a good home and we hope to see her in one soon.

  • 25 years
  • 15 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • Bay
  • Brown
  • LB
Adopt Ms Vicky

Call for more information: 409-935-0277