About Lucas

This energetic youngster is a classic colt who loves to rough house and wrestle with his aunts and uncles. He likes hanging out with people as long as you’re doing something. He likes tarps, ropes, plastic bags, halters, pumpkins, sprinklers, four wheelers and even squeaky toys. He’s well built and likely to grow up to be an athlete with the right training, he’s brave and likes to try new things. Sometimes he likes to run just for the fun of it, and when he gets going we can see what a pretty mover he is. This little guy has huge potential for the right human. So far he knows how to wear a halter, to lead gently with a little encouragement, and is currently learning how to pick up his feet. Lucas needs an experienced home that will challenge him mentally and physically, daily. He needs his human to be a teammate, not a dictator. We think he would do well in the eventing world, polo world, or anything else that combines novelty, speed, and athleticism so he can use his brain and exhaust his body.

  • 1 year
  • Bay
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