About Carson

Carson is a handsome sorrel Quarter Horse who is growing! Due to lack of human exposure, our trainers have been working with him on a lot of ground work. He has been picking up all 4 feet, haltering, tying, and lounges. Even though he’s still getting used to humans, Carson does wonderfully around dogs and water!Just work in the round pen with the saddle on him. Respond ok with the voice commands. He is ok for the cares/2 front feet ok – the 2 back feet more complicated/shower but complicated and agressive when their is feed in his stall. He is agressive with the others horses too. Summer of 2016 our trainer said he did well in a walk /trot. They also worked with him on walking straight with a good speed.

  • Male
  • 11 years
  • 14.1 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • Sorrel
  • Brown
  • LB
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