About Caprice

Caprice is a pretty gal who is easy to lead. We have been stalling her to catch and working with her on being an easier catch. She has come a long way since she got here. She wouldn’t allow brushing easily in the beginning but will now accept a brush on her body. She is a little hesitant to walk through water and we are working with her on accepting a fly mask and spray. She recently reacted well to rope, so we worked on accepting pressure around legs with rope. She responded very well and was accepting the rope on all 4 legs by end of session. She also responded to neck pressure with neck rope, but was hesitant at first. As you can see she is definitely trainable and just looking for a home with someone who wants to build a bond with her!

  • Female
  • 13 years
  • 14.3 HH
  • Quarter Horse
  • Sorrel w/blaze
  • Brown
  • LB
Adopt Caprice

Call for more information: 409-935-0277