Animal Cruelty Laws: House Bill 2150 Defeated in Arizona

Victory! Representative Brenda Barton’s nonsensical bill to change livestock (which includes horses) from being treated the same as pets for animal cruelty charges has failed. Those who would abuse horses, cattle and other farm animals will face felony charges just like those who would abuse dogs and cats.

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From: The Science Times

Luckily for many animals on working and profitable farms, House Bill 2150 has just been defeated by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey as of Monday, March 30, 2015.

Horses on a farmHouse Bill 2150 (HB 2150 as it was known) had passed both the Arizona House and Senate, and was awaiting the Governor’s approval. This bill was upsetting many animal activists.

The animal activists believed that HB 2150 would take away protections for farm animals. They worried that the farm animals would be subjected to greater abuse, neglect and cruelty if they were exempt from the protections in place for cats and dogs. The bill was trying to say that farm animals were not animals essentially and did not need the same anti-cruelty laws as cats and dogs as farm animals were in a working environment and 80% of abuse was done to cats and dogs. The bill’s goal was to have the Department of Agriculture oversee any abuse of farm animals and not have local law enforcement involved in issues of farm animal abuse. Local law enforcement is in charge of dog and cat abuse. However, the bill did attempt to add stricter laws about animal hoarding.

HB 2150 was the “pet project” of Representative Brenda Barton- Republican of Arizona.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Maggie Frazier

    Good! Seems the governor at least has some common sense – or possibly sees the harm in this attempt to protect big AG!

    April 4, 2015
  • MS

    Abuse of animals IS abuse of animals — why would Barton want to argue with something so rational not to mention compassionate. It’s quite frightening when people placed in positions of power & responsibility in govt — e.g., Barton — make absolutely no sense whatsoever — they’re irrational, bordering on insane — I bet they’re hoping that no one is watching and no one is listening! (I wonder if she’s beholden to someone?)

    April 5, 2015