All three horses in our Spring Fundraiser have new names!

Our Spring Fundraiser goal has now been met! The $9000 raised will help with feed and other costs for all the horses rehabilitating at Habitat for Horses.

Victoria Ezra won! She gave this mare the name of Sweet Tea

Victoria Ezra won! She gave this mare the name of Sweet Tea

Sandra Shields won! His new name is Talleyho!

Sandra Shields won! She gave the new name of Talleyho to this gelding

Madeline Lindsey won! This sweet mare's new name is Temperance.

Madeline Lindsey won! She gave this sweet mare the new name of Temperance.

Did you know it costs over $12,000 to feed all the horses at just one of our rehabilitation ranches per month? Habitat for Horses depends upon its supporters to fund our mission. We are also grateful that the ASPCA has now issued a grant to specifically help the feed and care for the first 6 months of rehabilitation for the horses seized from Galveston Island back in January 2015. It can take up to a year or more for horses to heal from the starvation and neglect they experienced before coming through our gates. The ASPCA is now asking our supporters to help with the next 6 months of care for these horses. Find out more here.

AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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