Act now: Horses need your help!

Please read this urgent call to action from Keith Dane, Senior Advisor for Equine Protection and Rural Affairs at the Humane Society of the United States. Horses everywhere are under attack, and they need their human advocates to speak out against their slaughter. Below, you’ll find easy and effective ways to make your voice heard and protect our equine friends. ~HFH

Dear fellow equine advocates,


As you likely know, last Wednesday we lost a very close vote in the U.S. House Appropriations Committee on horse slaughter. You can read Wayne Pacelle’s blog about that vote for more background. If we don’t stop the funding for USDA horsemeat inspections in the Senate, horse slaughter plants will open again on U.S. soil. We can’t let that happen, and we need your help.


This Thursday morning, July 20, the Senate Appropriations Committee will be voting on this issue as part of the agriculture appropriations bill. The good news is that Senators Udall (NM) and Graham (SC) will be offering a good amendment to defund USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants, which is critical to keeping horse slaughter plants shuttered in the U.S.  It is critical that we win this vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee, and we’ve got a good shot at it.  If your senator is on this Committee (see list below), we need your help.


Take Two Actions:


1)      Call Your Senator! Just call your senator’s office by Wednesday afternoon on the number provided below. Here’s all  you have to say: “My name is <your name> and I am a voting constituent in <your city>. I am calling to urge Senator <your senator> to please vote YES on the Udall-Graham amendment to keep horse slaughter plants closed in the U.S. when this issue comes up for a vote as part of the Agriculture Appropriations Bill in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday.”


2)      Tweet!  You can find your senator’s Twitter handle using a Google search, such as “Senator ____ Twitter”.  Here’s a sample tweet:  .@<your senator’s Twitter handle> Please vote Yes on the Udall-Graham amendment to keep horse slaughter plants closed in the U.S.!




Richard Shelby, Alabama (R)                        202-224-5744

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska (R)                           202-224-6665

John Boozman, Arkansas (R)                        202-224-4843

Dianne Feinstein, California (D)                  202-224-3841

Chris Murphy, Connecticut (D)                    202-224-4041

Christopher Coons, Delaware (D)                202-224-5042

Marco Rubio, Florida (R)                               202-224-3041

Brian Schatz, Hawaii (D)                                202-224-3934

Richard Durbin, Illinois (D)                            202-224-2152

Jerry Moran, Kansas (R)                                 202-224-6521

Mitch McConnell, Kentucky (R)                    202-224-2541

John Kennedy, Louisiana (R)                         202-224-4623

Susan Collins, Maine (R)                                202-224-2523

Chris Van Hollen, Maryland (D)                   202-224-4654

Thad Cochran, Mississippi (R), Chair           202-224-5054

Roy Blunt, Missouri (R)                                  202-224-5721

Steve Daines, Montana (R)                           202-224-2651

Jon Tester, Montana (D)                                202-224-2644

Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire (D)        202-224-2841

Tom Udall, New Mexico (D)                         202-224-6621

John Hoeven, North Dakota (R)                   202-224-2551

James Lankford, Oklahoma (R)                    202-224-5754

Jeff Merkley, Oregon (D)                               202-224-3753

Jack Reed, Rhode Island (D)                         202-224-4642

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina (R)           202-224-5972

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee (R)                202-224-4944

Patrick Leahy, Vermont (D), Vice Chair     202-224-4242

Patty Murray, Washington (D)                    202-224-2621

Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia (R)   202-224-6472

Joe Manchin, West Virginia (D)                  202-224-3954

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin (D)                  202-224-5653


Let’s DO this! Thank you, as always, for all you do for animals,




Keith Dane
Senior Advisor, Equine Protection and Rural Affairs

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