A Woman Faces Her Worst Nightmare As Her Horse… (Video)

woman rescues horse

While this story is not new, it is worth repeating. As Jerry has said before – the quality this woman shows – to be willing to give everything when a horse is in trouble – is what it takes to work at a horse rescue. ~ HfH

A Woman Faces Her Worst Nightmare As Her Horse Is About To Drown. What She Did Next Is Astounding.

From: Petflow

womanandhorseThe special bond between us and our beloved animals can only be understood by those who have ever truly loved a pet. Perhaps the best way to describe this bond is simply with the word “family.” When you love your pet just like you do your family, you are willing to go to incredible lengths to protect them, make them feel comfort and joy or even save their life if necessary.

Nicole Graham is a person that is truly an animal lover at heart. When she and her 18-year-old horse name Astro were faced with the unthinkable, she showed her true colors, ensuring that her best friend would not perish.

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  • arlene

    When a loving bond and trust is established between a horse and its owner, nothing i know of can keep them apart !!!! Every horse owner knows this , I would not ever leave my horse alone to face the unthinkable ………………Nicole Graham did what was already in her heart…… she kept her horse calm no matter what was to happen……

    July 20, 2014
  • Mary Anne Gardner


    July 20, 2014