Habitat for Horses Care of Seized Horses Supported by ASCPA Grant

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Hitchcock, Texas — Habitat for Horses today announced that the ASPCA Equine Fund has given a $10,000 grant that covered the six-month feed and hay costs of 20 horses originally seized by the Houston SPCA. This is in addition to the $14,000 given earlier in 2015 to cover the first six months of feed, and also farrier and dental care, for 26 horses and 2 mules, seized by Galveston authorities working with Habitat for Horses, about this time last year.

“When animals are seized, they are in a bad state,” explained Rebecca Williams, Executive Director of Habitat for Horses. “Seized horses often have the most difficult and expensive rehabilitation of any we take in and arrive in groups. We are so grateful that twice in one year, the ASPCA assisted us with grants for the care of wonderful horses who had been subjected to needless cruelty.”

“When the Houston SPCA reached out to us to take 20 of the horses they seized in a large case, of course we said yes,” stated Jerry Finch, Board President. For 2015, it brought the total number of seized equines rescued by Habitat for Horses to an astounding 75, with another 37 coming to the organization from other sources, such as surrenders and estrays.

“The ASPCA Equine Fund awards life-saving grants and resources to nonprofit equine welfare organizations across the country,” said Jacque Schultz, senior director of the ASPCA Equine Fund. “We are pleased to have awarded this most recent grant to Habitat for Horses, and thank them for their collaborative work with the Houston SPCA. We are always pleased to see horse rescues working together to support each other’s efforts.”

Due to expert care, all 20 horses are almost fully recovered. One, named Brandy, had a broken tooth which became infected. Brandy had to undergo surgery to remove it. One of the attending veterinarians fell in love with Brandy and adopted her! The rest of the horses are in the care of Habitat for Horses, and will be available for adoption.

“We hope the news about this grant will inspire the public to also contribute,” stated Williams. “Donations are needed, not just for the care of the remaining seized horses, but for the care of all our horses. We are caring for more than 330 equines at Habitat for Horses!”

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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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