13 Reasons Why Ponies Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

A cowgirl and her pony...

Happy Sunday Morning to Ya’ll. After all the rain we received here in South-East Texas the ranch is muddy as can be (thanks to Smokey for the picture on Facebook). It is time for a break and some coffee…and little girls and ponies. Oh and if your little girl (or boy) would love to have a pony of her own or if you do – be sure to call our office 8:00am – 4:00pm CDT Monday – Friday at 409-935-0277. We have several minis and ponies that would love to be adopted. ~ HfH

From: LittleThings.com
By: Maia McCann

Anyone who ever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never met these ponies! Technically, ponies are distinguished from horses by their thicker manes and smaller stature…but good things come in small packages! Ponies are usually roughly 14.2 – or 58 inches – tall, and properly trained ponies are the perfect mount for little girls who are just learning to ride.

As a little girl, a pony was the #1 thing on my Christmas list year after year. Here are some little girls living their pony dreams, if only for a moment. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to SHARE this precious post with all of your friends!

girl and pony barrel racing

This dynamic duo is determined to find the fastest way to the finish line…

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girl and pony

These two aren’t really that into racing. They’d rather be stopping the show with their endless pony glamour!

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A cowgirl and her pony...

A cowgirl and her pony…

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pony and girl with safety helmet

This perfect pair knows that safety ALWAYS comes first. Who cares about helmet head? Not the horses!

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pony and girl jumping

Elmer the spud-sized pony is taking his young rider UP, UP and AWAAAAAY!

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