10 Really Mean April Fools Jokes to Play on your Horse!

April Fools

April Fool’s just past. After all this serious news going – lets take a silly break!

If anyone has that photo our Habitat for Horse’s Ranch Manager Thom’s horse “assistant” be sure to share it!

.. oh and tomorrow morning we have a special announcement regarding our Photo Contest – stay tuned!

~ HfH


Just imagine the shocked expression on your horse’s face when you tell him…

… “We’re taking up a new sport.”
















… “The feed store has discontinued grain.”

















… “We couldn’t afford to pay your board bill this month. Soooo…”

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  • Sue

    I love the #1. An English friend used to joust in his younger days. He said the horse he loved to ride and could win on loved, loved, loved the competition, which is why he would win.

    April 6, 2014