Wild Horses Targeted In Utah Roundup (Video)


Unfortunately the actions taken by the BLM are far more in favor to the cattle ranchers. They cave in to the private interests of millionaires who hold more political sway than any equine advocate group does. Pro wild horse groups, such as American Wild Horse Preservation, are fighting an uphill battle to maintain the dwindling numbers of horses still free. ~ HfH

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By: Tina Volpa

roundupsAnother standoff between federal officials and rural ranchers has the potential to escalate in Utah, just one state away from where a similar dispute recently propelled a disagreement there, which involves a Nevada cattle rancher, who didn’t pay his grazing fees.

Recently, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has determined that there should be no more than 300 wild horses grazing in a chunk of southern Utah’s Iron County, Reuters reported over the weekend.

The estimated numbers that federal officials believe are out there is closer to 2,000 horses. Now as the feds attempt to figure out how to get their hands on the animals in order to literally thin the heard, wild horse preservation groups are stepping up and speaking out.

Officials with the both the BLM and Iron County are attempting to round up the wild horses that roam freely in federally-designated herd management zones, but advocates say such an operation is against the law.

However, the local and federal government have stated that with that many horses grazing the area, the land is becoming barren.

“There’s been no management of the animals and they keep reproducing,” County Commissioner David Miller told Reuters recently. “The rangeland just can’t sustain it.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Suzanne Dunham

    When will it stop!!!!!
    Cattle are more destructive than the wild horses, but money is more important!

    April 15, 2014
  • Barbara Warner

    Just how many cattle are over-grazing the public range in Utah and elsewhere but not a word about that! Wild horses always get the blame and the BLM over-estimates their numbers.
    We need to send the videos and article to Congress and keep asking for an investigation of DOI/BLM.

    April 15, 2014