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Wild horses: BLM says comment count at 36,000 

(Photo: Asher Swan / The Spectrum & Daily News )

From: The Spectrum
By: Tracie Sullivan

(Photo: Asher Swan / The Spectrum & Daily News )

(Photo: Asher Swan / The Spectrum & Daily News )

CEDAR CITY – After confirming it had received 26,574 comments opposing the agency’s proposed upcoming horse gather in two southern Utah counties, Bureau of Land Management officials are now saying their records were inaccurate.

The number should have actually been closer to 36,000.

The comments were part of an environmental assessment being conducted by the BLM in order to do a series of roundups that would reduce approximately 700 wild horses from the Bible SpringsComplex located in Iron and Beaver Counties.

In an email to The Spectrum and Daily News on Friday, BLM spokeswoman Megan Crandall said she had been contacted by representatives from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign that asked she “double-check” the agency’s records.

While closer examination of the BLM’s records showed nothing different Crandall said it could be a problem with their email system.

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