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Horse slaughter in Mexico

From Friday noon until Morning morning, we had around 48 hours of bliss, thinking that horse slaughter had ended, followed by 12 hours of turmoil while we waited for some kind of official word, then the final realization came that nothing had changed. Now the questions are bouncing all over the place, summarized by asking, “What the hell just happened?”

Horse meat sold at a French butcher shop

Horse meat sold at a French butcher shop – Photo by NPR

Officially, “VIA (G6) were alerted by French authorities on Friday concerning a shipment of horse meat originating from the US with what was first considered “incorrectly certified meat.” It was found to be a false report.

To which I politely respond, “Bulls##t.”

After looking over the documentation I received concerning a recent inspection of the Mexican EU slaughterhouses, the European Food and Safety inspectors were shocked to find the extreme violations being committed at the border by both the Mexican and US authorities. False documentation, unsigned Certificates of Health, no health records, blatant lies and forgeries – all done by KBer’s in the name of money.

All the slaughterhouses have received a very strict warning – get it right and straight by the end of this quarter or else.

Why did they reopen? I can only guess, but I think it’s a strong guess, that political pressure caused the EU Food and Safety folks to back off. There is no reason to go into it further at this point. Between Canada and Mexico, they are back to killing 369 equine a day, the trucks keep rolling, money is being stuffed in pockets and the battle continues.

But for just a few hours it felt great, didn’t it? In that short period of time most of us thought that the world had regained its senses, that maybe things were really going to be okay after all – the horses were safe, people would no longer be lied to, the breeders would need to finally take responsibility for their actions and that we could clean out the pipeline, find homes for all the horses and tomorrow would start fresh and clean.

It didn’t happen, but it will. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of their lives, the horses, donkeys and mules will be safe.

That is my goal and the goal of so many of us. We will fight together, we will not give up or give in, we will not compromise, we will demand nothing less than the complete end of horse slaughter and we will stand shoulder to shoulder against those who seek to destroy that which we love.

“Until they are safe.”

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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