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We also have a dream… 


August 28, 2013

My plan for today was to publish Martin Luther KIng Jr’s “I have A Dream” speech. The transition from those far away days to our society today is an amazing adventure Unknownand lends hope to all of us for what this nation might become, not from the power of our government but through the will of the people. Fifty years of transition, with the scars of a generation to prove that a movement by the people eventually brings change, change grudgingly given by a government in the face of massive public protest and unrest.

We also have a dream, a dream that all horses will see the day that people no longer want to dine on their flesh, where our government is forced to change our laws so that horses will never again fear their own slaughter, a dream where our wild horses are left alone on their land to live as they were meant to live. We have a dream where large corporations and industries are responsive to the will of the majority of people, where lies and propaganda give way to truth and openness, where the age of deceit and destruction are written in the history book as the way we were.

I lived through the dark age of extreme discrimination, served at the beginnings of a war that no one wanted for a cause few people believed in and watched the wasted lives of too many brave men and women. The world had changed greatly in the last fifty years except for one thing – the slaughter of horses. They did it then, they do it now. We protested then as we protest now. Fifty years of facing the marvelous growth of America, of unbelievable advances in technology, of the end of racial discrimination as it existed, yet not a single advance has been made in the treatment and killing of America’s horses.

It’s time to celebrate the dreams of people of all races and welcome them as equal partners within our society. I am full of praise and honor for Martin Luther King, Jr. for all he did, for the courage to lead a cause and stand tall in the face of pure hatred. The blood that ran in the streets was the blood of all our brothers and sisters. We wept as so many were destroyed, but cried in joy as so many rose up and kept on marching. They indeed had a dream.

We have a lot to learn from that march, a march that wasn’t over in a few days, but was years in the making and continues today. If we are to see our dream become a reality, we must do more than click “Like” on FaceBook and agree with surveys. For all we have done so far, little has truly changed in fifty years.images-3

Here are links to the reason for not buying another bite of beef, and a link to the PLEDGE. Almost 1,000 have signed so far, a tenth of the way to 10,000. At that number, the supporters of slaughter have a reason to take notice. At 50,000, the beef industry will start to listen. At 500,000, we will have a strong, unified voice. Perhaps we can’t all march on Washington in person, but we can march on the internet and raise our own voice loud enough to be heard.

Have you sent the links to your friends? If you have a website, have posted the links for others?

We also have a dream. To make our dream a reality, we must be heard in a single, unified voice. The future of our horses is in our hands.