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Watch: Terrified horse rescued from canal in Coseley 

horse rescued from canal by firemen

No matter where in the world, abandoning horses in city green spaces is cruel. Many civilized countries have equine rescues that will offer advice and / or assistance for horse owners who can no longer care for their animals. ~ HfH

From: Birmingham Mail
By: Brett Gibbons

horse rescued from canal by firemen

Horse being rescued from a canal in England

Firefighters staged a dramatic rescue to pull a terrified horse from a canal in the Black Country after the animal had slipped into the waterway.

About a dozen officers from West Midlands Fire Service were called to the canal near Walbrook Bridge in Central Drive, Coseley, just after 8am this morning following reports that the horse was struggling in the water.

Crews discovered the stricken animal, who was tethered by its neck, was struggling to keep its head above the water.

A technical rescue unit devised plans to pull the horse out of the canal under the guidance of the RSPCA.

The complex scheme involved guiding the horse to more shallow parts of the canal and then pulling the animal on to the towpath to safety.

A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service said the plan appeared to be successful.

“We attached ropes to the horse and gradually puled it clear of the water to the canal bank, while trying to cause it as little distress as possible. The plan appears to be successful and the horse does not seem to be too badly affected by its ordeal.

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