Vote!It’s really as simple as that. There is little you could do today that is more important than taking the time to vote. No matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, Green Party or you think Willie is the best for our nation, this is the day to make your voice heard. This is the day to make a stand for what you believe or for what you are against.

The injustice of a system is supported by the silence of the masses. We’ve seen this time and again when we ask people to stand up and be heard. “I support you,” is an empty statement unless that support turns into action, and your action today means taking the time to walk into a polling place and cast a vote.

You don’t need to send letters or carry signs. You don’t need to send emails or post on Twitter and Facebook. You don’t need to send money or join a crowd of like minded thinkers. You just need to vote.Vote

Who you support is not of concern right now. All that will come later, when the polls close and the votes are counted. You can count on me being back on the soapbox, no matter who wins. I’ll rant and rave until those issues that face the equine world are resolved. I’ll argue, counterattack, expose lies and place it all in front of you with full color photos and diagrams. I’ll present logical arguments and challenge those who work against the horses as I always have, but not today.

Today it is up to you. Today is the day that your voice must be heard.


It really is that simple.

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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