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Video of New Mexico’s AG on lawsuit to stop horse slaughter 


New Mexico's Attorney General Gary King

New Mexico’s Attorney General Gary King

The Attorney General of New Mexico, Gary King, has put forward a lawsuit to stop Valley Meat from proceeding with horse slaughter. Mr. King touches on these salient points and more:

  • Horses are not raised with intent of being used for food and thus have unknown drugs potentially dangerous to humans used on them while still alive.
  • There is no water discharge permit as required by New Mexico state law in place from Valley Meats
  • That Valley Meat is violating unfair practices acts by creating a product of unknown quality.

All of what Mr. King discusses are a solid, logical points as to why horse slaughter should not be permitted in the state of New Mexico from a legal view point. Valley Meat will be foolish to proceed.

Here is the video:

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