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VIDEO: Baby Horse Learns To Walk Again 


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foal2COROLLA, N.C. – A Vivo is a five-day-old horse, saved by the Corolla Wild Horse fund.

He was walking on his tip toes, which would have led him to be crippled later in life, WTKR reports.

“It was just a recipe for disaster in the wild, so now he’s going to have a great life,” said Karen McCalpin, the executive director at the Corolla Wild Horse fund.

Vivo was spotted on the Outer Banks by rescuers with the Corolla Wild Horse fund over the weekend. Monday he was taken in to be treated on the mainland.

Vivo is on antibiotics, which will relax the muscles in his tendons allowing them to stretch out. This will help him to walk like a normal horse eventually.

Unfortunately, since he and his mother have been introduced to a plush lifestyle as they’re being treated, they can’t go back into the wild.

“He’s getting treatment everyday, so now he’s habituated to people and so is mom. So it would be cruel to put them back out in the wild,” McCalpin said.

He can be domesticated pretty easily since he is so young. In six months, Vivo could be put up for adoption.

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